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Phone conversation questions

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Who will be the Co-PI on the HREB application?


Can this interview research qualify for expidited review?  Can we make a case for minimal risk?


Am I considered a "researcher from another insitution"?  p. 5


Can I use a "recruitment aid" (p. 6) such as an ad in a newsletter or a web page?  I need to figure out how to recruite citizens to interview and then invite to a focus group.


David writes:


Health Canada may be interestred in a project with emergency preparedness within the first nations. This is an example of dissonance in risk peceptions and belief systems. Aboriginal groups require are a very difficult group to carry out research. Malcolm King in the faculty of Medcine at the U of A has a good reputation and was interested in broaching this area.


Would this be too much to try to do?  I would like to include as many social groups as possible in the study, to get a good view of the citizen stakeholders who would be part of the communciation model.  Should I email Dr. King and see if he is interested in helping?


David also writes:


As far as funding, some of these projects are within the scope of Capital Health pandemic planning and we will request internal support


What do I need to do to help with this application?


Conversation notes:


Ways to get the word out to interviewees:  Health Link newsletter, radio ads, newspapers, information to special organizations, religious groups. 


Cultural groups:  there are a number of groups of national origin, and at least 3 first nation communities


It takes about 2 months to get HREB approval.  I should try to get the forms in by mid April.  I think I can get a couple of rounds of revisions done by then. I can expect at least two changes before I get approval.  There's no way I can get expedited review.


They use something called covelos message mapping to create messages.


I should apply for a visiting scholarship position with UA.  This allows me to say I'm affiliated with UA, or the OEP.  The Public Health Division Chair of Public Health Science is Duncan Sanders.  The Acting Dean of the School of Public Health is Roger Palmer.  I can ask them to get affiliated with The Public Health Division instead of UA.


There are groups of "street people" homeless, who have no access to media (about 2k of them) who could be interviewed for their health information behaviors.


David gave two examples of two-way communication. 


  1. Persons present themselves for treatment within 24-48 hours of having contracted a virus.  They can be treated with antivirals, and follow other othe prescribing models for treatment.  A forum hosted by 10 countries tested out this way of prescribing. 
  2. This example is outside emergency preparedness.  Information about health information and behaviors would be useful for informing about general health issues.  The message that CH gets out is more structured, but the approach I'm thinking about is less structured.



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