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Phone message: Hello. This is Thomas Barker, Visiting Scholar with The University of Alberta School of Public Health calling to offer a public talk on pandemic flu readiness for members of the xxxxxxxxx  Community League. The talk may help your members prepare for pandemic flu, listeriosus, or other threats from biological agents. The 30 to 60 minute talk is part of a research project to find ways for the public to communicate effectively with health care agencies, such as Capital Health. Talks may be scheduled any evening during September and October at your facility. No equipment is required and the talk is totally free. Please call 780 884-1299 or email thomas.barker@ttu.edu if you are interested in scheduling a talk for your community league members.


Message to general community addresses


Message to Community Leaders in Edmonton


Preparation for public health emergencies can help bring communities together. The research project called "Risk Communication for Flu Pandemics" may provide your community with new ways to communicate.  Dr. Thomas Barker is a Visiting Scholar with The University of Alberta School of Public Health who is talking about and investigating how communities take part in public health decision-making.  Email Dr. Barker at thomas.barker@ttu.edu (780 884-1299) or visit http://www.faculty.english.ttu.edu/barker/PandemicRisk/ to find out how your community members can participate in this program. 

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